Can Atlanta Become the Music Industry's Next Business Hub?

October 17, 2017


This summer, as Atlanta rapper 21 Savage was releasing what would become his first top 20 hit on the Hot 100, his manager Kei Henderson got a call that made her ponder -- and not for the first time -- why Atlanta-based artists and their teams have to travel to entertainment hubs such as Los Angeles or New York to conduct business, even though Atlanta is constantly credited with setting music trends and influencing pop culture.


“The days of Atlanta leaving Atlanta to get business and press done are soon coming to a close. Come to us. There's so much life in the city,” she tweeted. “Don't get me wrong, NYC and LA will always be the hubs for business but it's time we have a platform in our own city.”


From R.E.M. to Zac Brown Band, OutKast to Gucci Mane, James Brown to the Allman Brothers Band, Georgia has a consistent record of producing genre-defining artists. But its capital city has thus far been unable to prove itself as a sustainable hub for the business side of music. Now, many influencers believe Atlanta is currently positioning itself to change that narrative.




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