How to make a detailed input list for your live shows


Last month, “Set yourself up for success with an accurate stage plot” published advice on how to craft an effective stage plot to help the sound crew dial everything in for your band. Another key resource that will help your engineers set the proverbial and literal stage is an input list, a detailed document that spells out exactly what pieces of gear need to be miked and plugged in, as well as monitor and stand needs for your band.


Compiling a list of every in and out your band needs is a highly useful endeavor. As veteran sound engineer Dave Loop says, “The input list is huge for me when it comes to working with bands and live sound. It lays the foundation for the entire stage layout. It lets me easily decide on microphones, direct inputs, and stands. And when I look at an input list and a stage plot together, I can usually tell right away if something isn’t jiving.”



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