“Musicians: Get a REAL Job!”

October 13, 2017


This is a very personal article.


I’ve been blessed with working with independent artists from all over the world for the past couple of years. I’ve helped artists hone their live performance skills and produced their live shows. I have written biographies and press releases, designed websites and press kits, and consulted on music business matters for artists in cities like Nashville, LA, Austin, Toronto, London, and Sydney.


I’ve also found myself, from time to time, serving as a pseudo-therapist for artists struggling emotionally when somebody close to them suggests their love for music is nothing more than a hobby and that the artist should consider a more traditional type of employment.


You know.  A “real job.”


In my time working in the music industry, not to mention when I was making the transition from my former career in radio to my current work, I not once had somebody make that kind of comment to me regarding what I now do for a living.


Until a couple of weeks ago…and it happened in one of the worst possible settings.



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