October 27, 2017

Thousands of new songs are uploaded and shared on SoundCloud every day. Here are tips to help you get the most out of SoundCloud.

SoundCloud is one of the top platforms unsigned and independent artists use to share their music online. Despite recent rumors that it might...

October 17, 2017

This might be the simplest and most valuable piece of career advice I can give you: Finish things! It doesn’t matter what those “things” are: maybe they’re songs, an album, a music video, booking a tour, a crowdfunding campaign, a new website, or new merch designs. Wha...

Last month, “Set yourself up for success with an accurate stage plot” published advice on how to craft an effective stage plot to help the sound crew dial everything in for your band. Another key resource that will help your engineers set the proverbial and literal sta...

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