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Are you in search of things you must do in order to enter the music industry in 2018? Do you have what it takes to succeed in the music industry? See, just because you have a knowledge about music, doesn’t mean you know about the music industry. 

Most people think the...

Trying to carve out a career in music? Firstly, where do you apply to find a job as a musician? What sorts of activities should you be doing now to prepare yourself for a career in music? It turns out that your skill alone typically will not lead to success. Landing th...

Omer Avni is a highly experienced Los Angeles producer, engineer, mixer, and guitar player. His credits include Jason Derulo, Mary J Blige, Lost in Los Angeles, Dear Buckley, Sherif Serag, Reina Mora, and more. caught up with Omer to find out what it tak...

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