This is the first in a new series of articles examining the various tools music artists should be using to advance and grow their careers.  The goal is to introduce artists to these tools while explaining how they contribute to helping an artist’s career, how to us...

Content creation platform Patreon is taking a step back from recently announced changes regarding the manner in which creators, including music artists, are paid for their work.  The changes were first announced in an e-mail sent to content creators on December 6th but...

Content creation platform Patreon has announced plans to restructure the way music artists using the platform are paid.  The move means artists creating content on the platform will now keep 95% of all money pledged, up from the current figure of between 80% to 88%.  T...

Bridge the Atlantic talks to Rocket to the Stars' own Wade Sutton about everything from live performance to the writing process to the relationship between music artists and the media.

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